Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge – Limestone Bay

Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge – Limestone Bay

(North Alabama Birding Trail Site #23)

Snow Geese in Flight
Snow Geese In Flight at Limestone Bay

Limestone Bay provides access to another corner of the fertile Wheeler Reservoir and the Tennessee River. In winter, the open water may contain large numbers of various ducks, Common Loons, and others. At times of low water, the mudflats may be filled with migrant shorebirds and the shallows for wading birds such as Great Blue Heron and Great Egret.  Black and Forster’s terns are sometimes seen.  In recent years, vagrant species such as Pomarine Jaeger, Tundra Swan and Red-necked Grebe have been found here.  A large flock of Snow Geese winters here and increasing numbers of American White Pelicans have recently begun wintering here as well.

 Hermit Thrush in the Cemetery
Hermit Thrush in the Cemetery

American White Pelicans
American White Pelicans at Limestone Bay